A Prayer For Pastors

اللـــــهمEach Friday I send out a message on Twitter asking if there are any pastors who would like a prayer partner for the coming weekend. Some weekends I have 6 or more from all over the world. Some weekends just a couple. That’s okay.

I have great admiration and respect for you, pastor. You are committed to God’s will and His call on your life. You put up with a lot. Yet you continue to seek God’s guidance and strength as you serve.

Taken from the book by Shannon O’Dell, Transforming Church in Rural America, I have adopted the following prayer as I approach the weekend:

“Oh Father God, I pray for pastors, for their families, for their marriages, for their ministries, and for their congregations. I pray for their witness and I pray for their minds, that they will think new thoughts and dream new dreams. I pray for their bodies that they will be healthy and strong, that they can run long the race that you have set before them.

I pray for their friends, that they will be true to their pastor and true to You; that they will always lift their pastors up, always encourage them, always help them on the journey. I pray for resources to flow into their ministries because it is Your work and what You have purposed to be done. I believe that you will resource what You have commanded to be done. And so I pray that people with money will give money, that people with time will give time, that people with faith will exercise their faith, that people with big ideas and big dreams and big visions will give those ideas and dreams and visions to the cause.”

You are loved, pastor.

You are appreciated.

May God be everything you need as you read this post.

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