Billy Graham Couldn’t Swim

Billy GrahamWhen the US Olympic swim coaches were looking for candidates to represent the country in some of the most exciting and important swim matches in the world, they didn’t look to Billy Graham. Honestly, he probably never entered their mind. Cruel? I think not.

Billy Graham was no Michael Phelps, no Dara Torres. What Billy Graham was good at was making the Gospel easily understood so people could plainly see God and take a step into his love and grace.


Billy Graham responded to the call of God. He remained close to the heartbeat of his Savior. So he was able to stick with what he was gifted and called to do. Can you imagine a world if he had ignored the call and trained as a swimmer? Nothing against swimmers – just swimmers who were meant to be something else.

Billy Graham kept his yes, yes and his no, no. Being all things to all people means being less things to most people. Why not be what God meant you to be and do what he calls you to do. If that means changing the course for eternity in a few lives, so?

And if you don’t yet know who God wants you to be or what God wants you to do, here’s a suggested next step: Get to know God. In the process of Getting to know him, you will see more clearly what he wants.

This week we are talking about our relationship with Christ as one of the key components of Strongology. To carry on the discussion, finish this:

One thing I know for sure, Christ is ____ to me today.

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