Don’t Stop Growing (vol 11.4)

Occasionally, I will dip into the stream of blog posts in my Google Reader and pull out a few posts that have to do with the INSIDE of a ministry leader. You are more effective as a leader when your inside is taken care of. So I want to share the following posts with you.

Latte kind of morning

photo by Clearly Ambiguous

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea. Sit down. Relax and enjoy:

Rob me of me  (Michael D. Perkins)

Slippery Slope  (N.A. Winter)

Are you really teachable?  (Ja Cook)

Don’t be a kid worshipper  (Chad Missildine)

Overcoming inferiority  (Richard Dahlstrom)

10 reasons why desparation can be your friend  (Bryan K. Dodd)

How are you growing these days?

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