How To Blow Through 300 Email Messages

You’ve been on vacation for a week, maybe two (good for you!). You enter your office. Flip on the light. Turn on your computer and sit down and open your inbox. 300 email messages?! Really?!

Here’s a way to get through them quicker so you can get to the business of ministry leadership without too much stress:

Sort By “From”.  If you’re like me, you get an amazing amount of junk mail. Sorting first by who sent you email, you can quickly group email messages for deletion.

Sort By “Subject”. Once you’ve eliminated all the junk email, sorting by the Subject line allows you to quickly see any “email conversation strings” and delete any previous messages in the string so you can just open the latest message and scroll down through the entire conversation in one message (caveat: if a previous message in the string contains an attachment, keep it too).

Sort By “Date”, Reverse Order. Once the junk email and old string messages are eliminated, start going through chronologically from the oldest to the newest and flag all the messages that represent a priority (you do know what is priority, don’t you??). Don’t work on any messages until all the flagged ones are dealt with.

This has worked for me time and time again. Just recently, I was able reduce 325 email messages down to under 30 in less than 20 minutes and I was off and running.

Here are a couple excellent articles by Michael Hyatt on the topic of email that may help you as well:

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Your turn: What tricks have you discovered for blowing through your inbox?

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