How To Create Ministry Space

Sacred Heart church, Augusta GA


In my work as part of the Team at Cogun, Inc. we talk a lot about helping ministries create the right ministry space. It is because of this principle:

“We shape our buildings and then our buildings shape us.”

Say a church feels led to feed the homeless in a poverty-stricken area of the city and they have the resources to design a new building. It would make no sense to design a set of racquetball courts. They would need an industrial kitchen with ample space for tables and chairs, etc…

We shape our priorities and then our priorities shape us

Same is true when creating the right personal “ministry space” – you know, what’s going on inside our own temple. Mind space. Emotional space. Time margin. Financial margin. These are all components of personal ministry space. When any of these are out of alignment we can’t serve with strength.  We are trying to fit the proverbial “lunch for the homeless into a racquetball court.”

Take inventory of your personal “ministry space” (here are three ideas to get you started on your “design”):

Deal with any unforgiveness or resentment in your heart once and for all. Seek professional help if necessary.

Add up all the time you waste online at the expense of your critical responsibilities and ask someone to hold you accountable.

Review the amount of money you spend each month versus what you take in. Develop a spending plan. 

What are ways you ensure enough “ministry space” to do what God calls you to do?

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