Jesus Is

Business Calendar & ScheduleThis week at Serving Strong, we are talking about how important our walk with Jesus Christ is to our ministry leadership. It’s the first and foremost component of our strong:ology (a way of life that makes it possible to serve with full engagement, maximum performance, and sustained health).

I would like to engage you in a discussion about Jesus. Without a dynamic, intimate, and organic relationship with Him, all we are doing it futile and we risk burnout. If you have a little time to jot down a comment after reading this post, that would be great.

Think about the last 5 days of your life. What have you witnessed? What good parts were there? What bad parts? What got you excited, angry, happy? What bored you?

Now, after reflecting on the last 5 days of your life, finish this sentence:

With what I’ve been through in the last week, Jesus has been ____ to me.

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