Jesus Loves Chanel No. 5

Antique perfume bottleIt was evening. He was reclining at the table having dinner. Between a piece of chicken and a bite of green beans he felt something cold and wet, yet pleasing to the nostrils, pouring onto his feet. Those around the table saw what was happening and got really angry.

They were concerned with the irresponsible waste of a good resource. A perfume costing way too much was being poured on Jesus’ feet – the same feet that had collected dust from the very walk to dinner. The same feet that would be pierced for our transgressions. The same feet that would be the last thing the disciples saw as they gazed into the sky watching Jesus gradually disappear into heaven to sit at the right hand of the throne.

“They were concerned with the irresponsible waste of a good resource.”

I think of a few things when I read this passage in the book of Matthew, chapter 26. Sometimes the walk with Jesus makes no sense at all. No sense, that is, to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom matches Kingdom wisdom, but not always. What is a colossal waste of resources to many can be exactly what is needed for the Kingdom.

The Real Kicker

The only way to make sense of what relates to the Kingdom is by being in tune with the One around whom the Kingdom revolves. Without an intimate and organic walk with Christ daily and throughout the day, we succumb to mere conventional wisdom. There may come a day when we withhold our Chanel No. 5 because of its “value” when we should be pouring it out for an exponentially greater value.

When have you done something for Christ that didn’t make sense at the time?

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