Hammer Times

PianoOpen the lid of that beautiful, black, stretch grand piano. Gaze at the strings. They stretch tight and go from thin to thick. Just stand there and look….. what do you hear?


Sit on the adjustable, padded black leather seat in front of the white and black keys. Play a few chords. Play a little something at the left end. Play a little something at the right end. What do you hear?


What made the difference between hearing nothing and hearing music? Every strike of a white or black key pulls a hammer down onto those strings you saw under the lid. Every string has its own unique hammer positioned just right. Smack! …

Life happens

Piano HammerEvents pull the hammer down onto the strings of your heart. The hammer is unique to you and is positioned just right. Your child runs into your lap and hugs your neck. Smack! … And your heart makes music. You slowly click the [END] button on your mobile phone after just hearing that your best friend has suddenly died in a car accident. Smack! … And your heart makes music.

The kind of music made by the strings of your heart depends on one thing: the Tuner. If your strings are tuned to the eternal, every Smack! … will ultimately produce a beautiful expression of the Tuner’s grace and love from your heart to those within earshot.

Your life is a symphony. You can’t control it. What you can control is what your unique symphony sounds like. Walk close to Christ and your symphony will sound just like it was supposed to sound.

Finish this sentence:

A deep walk with Christ involves _______.

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