Where Maggots Infest

Maggots come from eggs laid by flies. They eat rotting meat. Gross, huh? This is the reason freezers are so helpful. They keep meat in a kind of state that prevents rot. Try it sometime. Take one of the steaks or packs of hamburger in your freezer and sit it in the garage for a few days of summer heat. Then host a barbecue (just kidding!). No one wants to eat meat that’s infested with maggots.


That group of guys (ladies, that small circle of lady friends) acts as your freezer. Your soul is worth preserving. When you try to pursue the role of ministry leader on your own, it’s like you’re out in the garage in the heat of summer. Little by little, the events of the day (the maggots) eat away at who you are. Doesn’t matter if good things or bad things happen. You don’t notice it right away, but left unchecked, you can be sure you’ll be infested. We were born for community. Lone rangers lead lonely lives.

A Word To Introverts

Introverts: You are not exempt. I know you get your energy from being alone. I can relate. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if it’s the only way you live, it’s incomplete. To engage in community along your journey doesn’t mean you have to be the life of the party. You don’t have to become a “people person”. One or two close confidants do wonders to the soul. Interaction must be an ingredient in the overall recipe of your walk.

We are talking about accountability networks. It’s one of the 4 parts of Strongology.

How do you integrate accountability into your ministry leadership?

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