You Can’t Afford It


You Can’t Afford It

The Ferrari 360 Modena. $175,000. Zero to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds. Displacement: 219 cubic inch, 3586cc. Yeah, you probably can’t afford it. All you can do is dream. Take a picture. Imagine. Wonder. Stand in awe.

Then go back to reality. Slip home. Go into the kitchen. Grab a napkin and an orange. Sit at the simple table in your dining room. Slowly peel into the orange as you stare into space – your mind’s eye still fixated on the massive beast of horsepower on the other side of the glass back at the dealership.

I could sell my ant farm,” you think, “or my stamp collection, or my bicycle, or my…” All your options too lame. Ant farm? What can you get for an ant farm, $10 bucks tops? A mere 10,000th of the cost of the car.

You Can’t Afford It

God has always been. God will always be. Jesus became man, taught, died, rose again. Eternal life. Unconditional grace. Yeah, you can’t afford it. You can’t even come close. All you can do is dream. Take a picture. Imagine. Wonder. Stand in awe.

What’s a statistic in light of infinity?

Then go back home to reality. Grab your napkin and an orange. Stare into space, your mind fixated on the massive beast of grace on the other side of the glass.

I could work real hard at being nice to others. I could preach the best I know how,” you think, “or I could try to please everyone to get a piece of this grace, or…” All your options too lame. Please everybody? What can you get for pleasing everybody, burnout? A mere tragedy in the face of a loving God. What’s a statistic in light of infinity?

The Real Torque

You tell others that the too-high-a-price has been paid by God on their behalf. You share how he sent his son to earth to live fully human and die fully human so that they can experience this grace for themselves. Yet you stand at the window taking a picture of it and don’t ever enter the showroom and talk to the Owner of the dealership yourself. You push the information out to others but inside you aren’t experiencing the thrill of the ride for yourself.

You are a ministry leader. If you are reading this post and that defines you, here’s the real torque: Start today to accept the gift of massive grace. Start cultivating an intimate and organic walk with Christ. The price is too high, but you can know the Dealer. Don’t let your personal ministry to others stand in the way of your personal walk with Him. You can’t afford NOT to.

What are some of the barriers to a personal walk with Christ?

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