Sustainable Leadership Without The Burnout

My name is Scott Couchenour. I serve as the President/CEO of Cogun, Inc. I am also committed to providing resources and discussions on how ministry leaders can beat burnout and serve strong.

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Scott’s Clients Speak Out

Serving Strong Life Coaching is about results. If you are thinking about being coached, read the following clients' comments...

"Through Serving Strong, Scott has become one of the most visible and influential Christian coaches in the world of social media..." - Chris McCluskey, President Professional Christian Coaching Institute

"Serving Strong is taking on a progressive and powerful new look, all the more equipped to rise to the needs of contemporary ministry and service. Thank you for impacting my life." - Missionary

“...I am now able to care for my emotional and physical space in a way that honors all to whom I am responsible...” - Ministry Leader

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